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August 1, 2017 by Legion Magazine

1 AUGUST 1957
The North American Air Defence Command is created to unify control of air defences between Canada and the United States.

Hudson’s Bay Company Ships Prince of Wales and Eddystone bartering with the Inuit off the Upper Savage Islands, Hudson Strait, NWT. Watercolour by Robert Hood
2 AUGUST 1610
Thinking he has reached the Pacific Ocean, Henry Hudson enters what would become Hudson Bay.

Tommy Douglas, Premier of Saskatchewan in the Netherlands, April 29, 1945.
3 AUGUST 1961
Tommy Douglas is elected the first leader of the National Democratic Party at its founding convention.

4 AUGUST 1943
Flying Officer A.A. Bishop of 423 Squadron, RCAF sinks U-489. His aircraft was hit during the attack with a loss of five crew.

Troops of The Loyal Edmonton Regiment enter Modica during the Allied invasion of Sicily 1943.
Public Domain
5 AUGUST 1943
Hill 736 in Sicily is captured by the Loyal Edmonton Regiment.

6 AUGUST 1974
Private Lionel Gilbert Perron is killed while serving as part of the United Nations Force in Cyprus.

7 AUGUST 1950
The Canadian Army Special Force is authorized for service in Korea.

Canadian troops shelter in a ditch along the Arras-Cambrai road.
LAC / PA-003153
8 AUGUST 1918
Hundred Days Offensive of the First World War begins with the launch of a major attack east of Amiens, France.

Portrait of King Edward VII (1841-1910).
Luke Fildes – National Portrait Gallery: NPG 1691
9 AUGUST 1902
The coronation of King Edward VII takes place at Westminster Abbey, following the death of his mother, Queen Victoria, the previous year.

10 AUGUST 1930
Bellanca aircraft enter into service with the RCAF.

Major-General Andrew Leslie.
11 AUGUST 2003
NATO assumes leadership of the International Security Assistance Force. Major-General Andrew Leslie is appointed deputy commander.

The Battle of the Bay of Biscay, 28 December 1943.
The Norman Wilkinson Estate; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
12 AUGUST 1944
The start of a week of success for the RCN in the Bay of Biscay, with nine German ships and U-boats sunk.

13 AUGUST 2008
Two Canadian aid workers, Jacqueline Kirk and Shirley Case, are killed in a roadside ambush in Afghanistan.

14 AUGUST 1945
Japan unconditionally surrenders to the Allies. The Second World War is over.

15-18 AUGUST 1917
Canadians capture Hill 70 at a cost of 9,000 casualties.

16 AUGUST 1812
The Americans surrender Detroit and Michigan to forces led by Major-General Isaac Brock.

17 AUGUST 1990
2,500 Canadian troops are put on standby at the request of Premier Robert Bourassa during the Oka Crisis.

18-20 AUGUST 1944
Major David Currie earns the Victoria Cross for actions at Saint-Lambert-sur-Dives, France.

Soldiers of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division, the main assault force for Operation Jubilee, were captured by Germans after being pinned down on the beach in the ill-fated Dieppe raid.
19 AUGUST 1942
Canada suffers more than 3,000 casualties in the disastrous raid on Dieppe, France.

20 AUGUST 1942
HMC ships Prince Henry, Prince David, Dawson and Vancouver sail from Esquimalt, B.C., for convoy escort duty in the Aleutian Islands.

21 AUGUST 1940
The Permanent Joint Board of Defence is established by Canada and the United States.

22 AUGUST 2001
The minister of defence announces that Canada will deploy troops to contribute to NATO operations in Macedonia.

23 AUGUST 1941
While giving a speech in England, Prime Minister Mackenzie King is booed by restless Canadian troops who are eager to fight.

24 AUGUST 1870
Colonel Joseph Wolseley takes command of Upper Fort Garry (now Winnipeg), discovering it abandoned by Louis Riel and his followers.

25 AUGUST 2009
Operation Kalay II is launched to bring stabilization to the Dand district in Afghanistan.

Merchant ships assemble in Bedford Basin, Halifax, April 1942.

26 AUGUST 1939
The Royal Canadian Navy assumes control of all Canadian civilian merchant ships.

27 AUGUST 1953
Nos. 414, 422 and 444 Squadrons, RCAF leave Canada to join the RCAF Air Division at CFB Baden-Soellingen in Germany.

28 AUGUST 1992
Canada announces 750 troops to aid with United Nations Operation in Somalia.

A Priest self-propelled gun moves into position in Italy, September 1944.
 30-31 AUGUST 1944
Canadians break through Germany’s Gothic Line, south of Rimini, Italy.

31 AUGUST 1945
HMCS Prince Robert enters Hong Kong, where her commanding officer represents Canada at the surrender ceremonies.


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