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June 5, 2017 by Legion Magazine

1 JUNE 1941
The Newfoundland Escort Force is set up and soon is protecting Atlantic convoys.

2 JUNE 1917
In solo action, Billy Bishop attacks a German aerodrome and is later awarded the Victoria Cross.

Painting by George Agnew Reid, done for the third centennial (1908), showing the arrival of Samuel de Champlain on the site of Quebec City.
3 JUNE 1608
Samuel de Champlain arrives at Tadoussac, Que., to set up a trading post.

4 JUNE 1944
Rome falls.

5 JUNE 1813
A British night assault at Stoney Creek, Ont., surprises and forces the retreat of a larger U.S. force.

6 JUNE 1944
Allied paratroopers, including 450 Canadians, seize key inland positions before dawn on D-Day.

Field Marshall Earl Haig, Government House Grounds, St. John’s, Newfoundland
S.H. Parsons and Sons CNS Photo 0505006
7 JUNE 1925
Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig officially opens the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial site.

8 JUNE 1944
RCAF Liberator bomber pilot K.O. Moore destroys two U-boats in 22 minutes.

9 JUNE 1970
The Canadian Air Force drops relief parcels to survivors of an earthquake in Peru.

10 JUNE 1947
Dairy is removed from the ration list in Canada.

Sir John Franklin was Barrow’s reluctant choice to lead the expedition.
Dibner Library Portrait Collection
11 JUNE 1847
Explorer John Franklin dies aboard HMS Erebus, ice-bound in the Arctic.

12 JUNE 1941
Rail yards at Schwerte, Germany are targeted in the RCAF’s first bomber attack of the war.

13 JUNE 1916
Canadians regain ground lost near Mount Sorrel in the Ypres Salient, at the cost of 8,000 casualties.

14-15 JUNE 1919
The first non-stop transatlantic flight, from St. John’s to Ireland, is completed.

16 JUNE 1943
RCAF pilot John Spence rescues a downed British pilot in the English Channel. Unable to take off in his amphibious biplane, he taxis to safety while a furious dogfight rages overhead.

Revisiting Rwanda where the skulls of some of those killed in the genocide cover a large table.
17 JUNE 2014
Retired general Romeo Dallaire resigns from the Senate to research PTSD, which he contracted witnessing the Rwanda genocide.

18 JUNE 1993
Warrant Officer Roch Lanteigne risks his life supplying ammunition to his platoon under fire in Mogadishu, Somalia.

19 JUNE 1943
Canadian convoys begin intermittent departures from Scotland to the Mediterranean.

20 JUNE 1917
The Indian Expeditionary Force’s 3rd (Lahore) Division’s attachment to the Canadian Corps ends.

20-21 JUNE 1952
Of 35 Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry raiding Hill 133 in Korea, six are killed, 18 wounded.

22 JUNE 1941
Hitler sends three million soldiers to invade the Soviet Union.

The Air India Memorial in Toronto.
23 JUNE 1985
Near Ireland, a terrorist bomb downs an Air India flight from Canada, killing 329.

24 JUNE1944
Awaiting rescue, three Canso crew succumb to the frigid Atlantic, including RCAF pilot David Hornell, posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.

25 JUNE 2004
About 500 Canadian personnel on a multinational interim force in Haiti transfer to a UN stabilization mission to support the transitional government.

26 JUNE 1759
General James Wolfe, with 8,500 men, establishes camp five kilometres from Quebec City.

27 JUNE 1918
More than 200 die when a Canadian hospital ship is torpedoed by a German submarine off Ireland.

28 JUNE 1944
RCAF fighters down 26 enemy aircraft over France.

28-29 JUNE 1950
North Korean forces occupy the South Korea capital city, Seoul.

30 JUNE 1916
The Newfoundland Regiment marches to its designated trench, dubbed St. John’s Road, for the Somme offensive.

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