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June 12, 2017 by Legion Magazine

The next edition in our award-winning series Canada’s Ultimate Story is
World War I: True Stories from Vimy to Victory

Canada had a population of less than 7.8 million people in 1914 and yet more than 620,000 enlisted for this faraway war. These were not professional soldiers, sailors and airmen. These were citizens who stood up to tyranny and enlisted for the duration. The cost was brutal, with approximately 66,000 dead and more than 172,000 wounded.

Those who returned had a special bond and a need to share their stories, not necessarily with everyone, but with those who would understand, because they had served as well. They were the ones who survived.

As a sequel to War Stories published by Canada’s Ultimate Story in 2016, these stories all concern events that happened in the last part of the war, between 1917 and 1918. The authors of these articles are no longer with us and the editors of the day left little to tell us who they were, but new generations can at least glimpse at what they went through and how they saw the world at war.

The words speak for themselves. They are the words of those who were there.

Please help us choose the cover for this special issue.


  • Henry Wiebe

    Great photo, true to life, Brings back many memories and not all good.

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