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Day: March 1, 2017

On this date: March 2017
On This Date

On this date: March 2017

1 March 1917 4th Division uses poison gas in an attack on Hill 145, Vimy Ridge. 2 March 2011 HMCS Charlottetown heads for Libya to provide humanitarian assistance. 3 March 1915 1st Canadian Division is assigned six kilometres of the front south of Armentières. 4 March 1982 Bertha Wilson is appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada. 5 March 1995 The Canadian Airborne Regiment is officially disbanded, its 600 paratroopers parade for last time as a unit. 6 March 1944 The hunt for U-744 involves HMC ships Chaudière, Gatineau, St. Catharines, Chilliwack and Fennel. 7 March 1866 The Fenian threat moves John A. Macdonald to put 10,000 volunteer militia on alert. 8 March 1975 Canada observes its first International Women’s Day. 9 March 1915 R.H. Mulock is the first Canadian...

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