On this date: January 2017



1 January 1943
No. 6 (RCAF) Bomber Group begins operations.

2 January 1908
Dawn of the domestically produced penny, 95.5 per cent copper.

3-4 January 1943
No. 6 Bomber Group’s first mission is to lay mines off the Frisian Islands.

5 January 1838
U.S. citizens are forbidden to take sides in Canadian rebellions.


6 January 1918
Canadian pilot M.C. Makepeace logs that Capt. J.H. Hedley is sucked out of his plane in a nosedive, falls hundreds of feet onto the tail and climbs back in.


7 January 1832
William Lyon Mackenzie is expelled from the Upper Canada Assembly, but is subsequently re-elected.

W.R. MacAskill

8 January 1814
Prohibition on pemmican exports angers North West Company traders.

9 January 1953
Marguerite Pitre, the last woman executed in Canada, is hanged in Montreal for abetting the bombing of a passenger plane.

10 January 2015
The first of two sealift shipments of non-lethal military supplies arrive in Odessa, Ukraine.

Nova Scotia Archives
11 January 1865
Joseph Howe’s first Botheration Letter decries Nova Scotia’s plans to join Confederation.

12 January 1868
Nova Scotia votes to reverse the decision to join Confederation unless the deal is sweetened.

13 January 1942
The German navy starts Operation Drumbeat against coastal Allied shipping, sinks 198 ships by April.

14 January 1944
Canadian secret agent Gustave Bieler is captured by the Gestapo in France.

15 January 1792
Black Loyalists begin leaving Nova Scotia for Sierra Leone; 1,200 depart, 1,800 remain.

16 January 1961
The Canada-India nuclear plant opens, a gift to India under the Colombo Plan.

17 January 1957
Canada’s aircraft carrier, HMCS Bonaventure, is commissioned.


18 January 2015
CF-18s bomb ISIS gunmen northwest of Mosul, Iraq.

19 January 1944
Twenty Canadian officers are ordered to the southwest Pacific to assist Australian and American forces.

20 January 1936
Edward VIII begins his short reign.


21 January 1945
Maj.-Gen. W.A. Griesbach, veteran of three wars, dies.

22 January 1992
Roberta Bondar blasts off on the U.S. space shuttle Discovery on an eight-day mission.

23 January 1813
Wounded Americans are killed in a massacre by Indian warriors at River Raisin in Michigan territory.

24 January 1942
The Wartime Prices and Trade Board rations sugar to three-quarters of a pound (340 grams) per person, per week.

25 January 1951
HMC Ships Nootka and Cayuga are fired upon in Korea.

26 January 1700
The West Coast is hit by a massive tsunami following a magnitude 9 earthquake in northern California.

27 January 2004
One soldier is killed and three wounded by a suicide bomber in Kabul, Afghanistan.

28 January 1973
Canada begins sending military personnel to Vietnam under the International Commission for Control and Supervision.


29 January 1946
The celebrated schooner Bluenose, now retired from racing, sinks after hitting a reef off Haiti.

30 January 1964
Fifteen masked men raid a Montreal armoury and seize machine guns, rifles, sidearms and ammunition.

31 January 1923
The Royal Canadian Naval Reserve and RCN Volunteer Reserve are established.

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