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  • Front lines August 29 Feature
    In the past week things have taken a very odd turn in northern Syria. For one, Turkey invaded. And while the Turks claim their motive for invading was to push ISIS back from the border it shares with Syria, it now appears the real aim...
  • Railgun Feature 2
    It sounds more like science fiction than reality, but the United States is developing some truly amazing new weapons in an attempt to deter Russia and China from even thinking about going to war.  One of the most interesting is the railgun. It’s an electromagnetic...
  • Featured Image
    With the recent success of Canada at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Legion Magazine looks back at the six Canadian Olympians who fought in the First World War with a short video tribute. Canadian Olympians: 1. James Duffy  2. Alex Decoteau  3. Tom Longboat 4. Percival Molson  5....
  • Libya Feature 2

    Quietly, a new war begins

    August 11, 2016 by Adam Day
    On Aug. 1, the United States opened up a new front in the war against ISIS when it began a bombing campaign in Libya. Now, this is far from the first time the United States has bombed Libya. Back in 2011, a large group of...
  • Humour Hunt

    Brief inspection

    August 9, 2016 by Legion Magazine
    Think back 58 years, exactly 58 years, to July 1958. Think of a beautiful July day, perhaps like the one you are currently enjoying. That’s how Sandra Chater (Austin then) remembers her summer of 1958 in basic training at St-Jean, Que. She found the marching...
  • Feature Image
    The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has been an ongoing headache for successive Canadian governments. And for the American government. And for pretty much everyone else, as well. More than 15 years after it was announced and ten years after it first flew, the fighter is...
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