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Day: July 15, 2016

Our Back Pages: 1961-1979
Military History, Our Back Pages

Our Back Pages: 1961-1979

From Legionary to Legion Magazine Fourth in a six-part series looking back at 90 years of The Legionary and Legion Magazine The Legionary carried on in its large format throughout the 1960s. Articles typically addressed the issues of resettling veterans from the Second World War and the Korean War and improving disability pensions. The magazine was going through its own struggles. First came the name change. In January 1969, the editorial invited readers to ring in the new year with a new look and title which it hoped would attract more advertisers. “We think our new name, Legion, has a crisp, modern sound, in keeping with today’s brand symbols and publishing trends,” the editorial said. The new look proved popular, but a bigger storm was brewing as the federal government ...
Serving You

Serving You: July/August 2016

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) is no longer initiating optional reviews, for example, calling veterans to periodically review assessments. Application for financial assistance can be made using a simple two-page Legion Benevolent Fund Application to confirm eligibility through a local Legion branch, provincial command or Dominion Command. Once you are in receipt of disability benefits and an assessment decision is completed for your condition, you are able to request a reassessment if you feel that the condition(s) have worsened. However, there are some timelines you must adhere to. Medical conditions are not normally reviewed if it is less than two years since your last examination. If you feel that your condition has worsened and you have new medical evidence, you can request a reass...
CBC’s Rick Mercer receives Legion’s Founders Award

CBC’s Rick Mercer receives Legion’s Founders Award

Story Updated: It was announced at DEC that CBC journalist and comedian Rick Mercer will become the third recipient of the Legion’s Founders Award to be presented in St. John’s. Mercer has long been a staunch supporter of Canadian soldiers and veterans, regularly travelling overseas to visit troops and in particular lending his support to the military’s ‘stigma’ project to end misconceptions of mental illness. “I am deeply moved and flattered by this recognition,” said Mercer in a statement. “The most personally satisfying aspect of my career has been the opportunity to highlight the tremendous work of the Canadian Forces at home and overseas. As a civilian I am proud to be an advocate for their well-being.” In other news at DEC, B.C./Yukon Command President Marc Tremblay gave...

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