Day: July 5, 2016


War Museum hosts prestigious history forum

A century after the First World War and seven decades after the second, how much new could there possibly be to discuss? Plenty—and we’re nowhere near done augmenting and correcting the historical record, judging by research shared by historians at the 83rd annual meeting of the Society for Military History in Ottawa this spring. Recent digitization of some First World War service records has revealed information that could change a national debate.  “We need to correct the perception we have about French Canadian enlistment” in the First World War, said Jean Martin of the Department of National Defence’s Directorate of History and Heritage. For 80 years it has been estimated only about 35,000 French Canadians served, a fact that has underscored rancorous debate throughout the years. ...
Humour Hunt

Humour Hunt

Jon Proudfoot, Huntingdon, Que., says a private went to the padre with a tale of woe: His wife needed money to buy fuel and shoes and winter coats for the children. He was desperate for $200. The padre advised him to pray as hard as he could and the Lord would help him.     While the private prayed hard in the succeeding days, the padre persuaded the officers’ mess to raise     money for such a worthy cause. The officers collected $100 and gave it to the soldier.             The private hustled off to the padre. “Well, the Lord answered your prayers,” the padre said “Yes, He did,” the private said. “But tell Him next time not to send His answer through the officers. They kept $100 for themselves.”

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