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  • Humour Hunt

    June 30, 2016 by Legion Magazine
    C.A. Brodie of Mississauga, Ont., leads off this issue with a story that he puts in the naval setting of Halifax. The destroyer’s company had just started shore leave and some sailors went promptly to barber shops. In one, a lieutenant occupied a chair next...
  • On this date: July 2016

    June 29, 2016 by Legion Magazine
      1 July 1916 The Newfoundland Regiment is nearly wiped out at Beaumont-Hamel in France. 2 July 1941 The Canadian Women’s Auxiliary Air Force is created. 3 July 1814 Fort Erie surrenders to American troops as the Niagara Peninsula campaign begins. 4 July 1886 The...
  • Humour Hunt

    June 28, 2016 by Legion Magazine
    Stan Scislowsk of Windsor, Ont., recalls that some guys during the war had the selfish habit of drinking your full beer while you were visiting the WC. Some losers began to take steps to protect their investment. One soldier always left a sign beside his...
  • Help choose our next special issue cover

    June 27, 2016 by Legion Magazine
    The next special issue is War Stories, a selection of true stories from the front lines of the First World War, originally published in Legion Magazine and its predecessor, The Legionary. Once the war bogged down in static trench warfare, life on the front was...
  • Humour Hunt

    June 24, 2016 by Legion Magazine
    In mid-1944, during the V-1 raids on England, a buzz bomb hit a row of flats. After the dust had settled and heads were counted, only grandpa was missing. The rescue team heard laughter from the rubble and dug out grandpa, uninjured and still chuckling,...
  • In Syria last week, the Russian military raised the stakes in their global confrontation against the Western world when they launched a series of airstrikes against the New Syrian Army (NSA), a specially-selected group of moderates who are trained and backed by the United States....
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