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June 29, 2016 by Legion Magazine


1 July 1916
The Newfoundland Regiment is nearly wiped out at Beaumont-Hamel in France.

2 July 1941
The Canadian Women’s Auxiliary Air Force is created.

July 3

3 July 1814
Fort Erie surrenders to American troops as the Niagara Peninsula campaign begins.

4 July 1886
The CPR’s first scheduled transcontinental passenger train from Montreal arrives at Port Moody, B.C.

5-6 July 1944
HMC Ships Qu’Appelle, Skeena, Saskatchewan and Restigouche sink at least two German vessels.

7 July 1950
No. 426 Transport Squadron goes on alert for United Nations duties in Korea.

July 8

8 July 1958
U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower visits Canada, lays the foundation for a joint defence committee.

9 July 2001
Nunavut Day celebrates passing of the Nunavut Act in 1993.

10 July 1951
Signing of a formal peace agreement ends the state of war with Germany.

11 July 1973
CF Hercules aircraft respond to the drought-induced famine in West Africa.

July 12

12 July 1940
Pilot Officer D.A. Hewitt is the first Canadian killed in the Battle of Britain. 

July 13                          

13 July 1906
C.K. Hamilton completes the first powered dirigible flight in Canada.

14 July 1915
Maiden flight of the first aircraft to roll off a Canadian production line.

15 July 1943
RCAF 417 Squadron arrives at the airfield in Pachino, Sicily.

16 July 1900
Harold Borden, son of the Minister of Defence, is killed in the Battle of Witpoort in South Africa.

17 July 1944
Canadian navy ships escort the largest convoy of the war across the Atlantic.

18 July 1945
Half of Halifax’s population is evacuated when an RCN ammunition barge catches fire and explodes.

19 July 1814
Fort Prairie du Chien in Wisconsin is captured, giving the British a base for attacks in 1815.

20 July 1944
Adolf Hitler survives an assassination attempt.

21 July 1944
The attack on Verrières Ridge is called off; the South Saskatchewan Regiment is hard hit.

Captain S.B. East, a chaplain, talking with soldiers of the 48th Highlanders of Canada near Regalbuto. 1943, Regalbuto, Sicily.
Canada At War

22 July 1943

Canadian troops capture Leonforte and Assoro in Sicily.

23 July 1917
Canadian troops participate in a successful raid of the Méricourt Trench in France.

24 July 1942
HMCS St. Croix sinks U-90 in the North Atlantic.

25 July 1944
Canadians suffer 1,500 casualties, including 450 dead, trying to take Verrières Ridge.

26 July 1845
That last sighting of the Franklin Expedition.

27 July 1997
The Korean War Memorial is unveiled near Brampton, Ont.

28 July 1943
Canadians take the mountaintop town of Agira in Sicily.

29 July 1914
Britain warns Canada that war is brewing as Austria-Hungary and Serbia begin fighting.

Destroyers of the Royal Canadian Navy serving with the United Nations in Korea. (Left to right): H.M.C.S. Ships ATHABASKAN, CAYUGA, SIOUX. 20 Nov. 1950 Hong Kong “On This Date” December 2011 website
Destroyers of the Royal Canadian Navy serving with the United Nations in Korea. (Left to right): H.M.C.S. Ships ATHABASKAN, CAYUGA, SIOUX.

30 July 1950
HMC Ships Cayuga, Athabaskan and Sioux arrive in Japan, bound for Korea.

31 July 1759
French defenders repel a British attack at Montmorency Falls near Quebec City.

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