Humour Hunt

March 17, 2016 by Legion Magazine

Here is a story from R.E. Crumb, Berwyn, Alta.:

A German officer, travelling home from the Russian Front through Poland, shared a train compartment with three Poles–a pretty young woman, an elderly woman and a man. The train entered a tunnel and in the complete darkness there was the sound of a kiss and a loud smack. When the train left the tunnel the German officer had a black eye.

The German thought: That Pole kissed the girl, she thought I did it and hit me.

The elderly woman thought: I’m proud of that young woman for standing up for herself.

The young woman thought: I wonder why the German kissed the old lady instead of me.

The Pole thought: I kissed the back of my hand, hit a German in the eye–and got away with it.

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