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Month: January 2016

Military History, On This Date

On this date: February 2016

  1 FEBRUARY 1944 For the first time since the First World War, a Canadian Corps operates in the front line, in Italy.   2 FEBRUARY 1943 The German 6th Army surrenders at Stalingrad.   3 FEBRUARY 1916 The Parliament Buildings in Ottawa are destroyed by fire.   4 FEBRUARY 1915 Lieut. William Frederick Nelson Sharpe is the first Canadian military aviator killed in the First World War.   5 FEBRUARY 1856 The Victoria Cross, the Commonwealth’s highest award for military bravery, is instituted.   6 FEBRUARY 1952 King George VI dies. His daughter Elizabeth becomes queen.   7 FEBRUARY 1964 The RCAF Golden Hawks aerobatic flying team is disbanded.   8 FEBRUARY 1943 HM...
Humour Hunt

Humour Hunt

A Christmas-leave story from Danny Arntsen of Delisle, Sask.: I was orderly sergeant at Debert, N.S., when the regimental sergeant major asked my advice about a telegram he had just received from my friend Blacky. The telegram said: “Please grant three-day extension of leave. Sister in hospital.” I assured the RSM my friend wouldn’t lie and the extension was granted. When Blacky got back to camp I asked him how his sister was getting along. “Oh, she’s still in hospital,” he said. “She’s a nurse.”  

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