Humour Hunt

May 26, 2015 by Legion Magazine


A contributor who wishes to remain anonymous has sent us a sequel to Hugo Saudino’s earlier story about somebody dressing up in the mess polar-bear skin at Fort Churchill to provide a sudden outdoors photo opportunity for visitors from the south.

During a Halloween party at Fort Churchill, a huge polar bear was glaring at arriving guests from a nearby snowbank. “Oh, my God,” a startled woman exclaimed.

“Don’t be silly,” said her husband, “It’s only Saudino again with his polar-bear act.” He made a rush at the bear with threatening gestures and shouted: “Buzz off, Hugo.”

The bear retreated, and the couple entered the mess, doffed their parkas, and saw Saudino costumed as a half-naked caveman, standing under the mess bear pelt, sipping a gin and tonic.

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