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Month: December 2014

Drop Zone Burma
Air Force

Drop Zone Burma

Nasty weather, enemy fire and an unforgiving jungle—just some of the perils faced by the men who flew transport missions over Burma during the Second World War. The charismatic figure of Brigadier Orde Wingate haunts accounts of the Burma campaigns of 1943-44. He was a brilliant leader, innovative in training and tactics, yet careless with the lives of his men. In February 1943, he moved 3,100 troops and 1,100 mules—the first Chindit Operation—into Burma to wreak havoc behind Japanese lines. Above the jungle, the operation was supported by aircraft that dropped vital supplies to men whose mere survival was considered a victory. When the ground force was withdrawn in late March 1944, it had sustained 818 deaths. Many of those lucky enough to get out of the jungle were wracked with...

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