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Day: November 7, 2014

Witness to Remembrance

Hannah Payumo’s Remembrance Day Reflection

Transformed By Being In The Right Place Hannah Payumo, a Grade 12 student at St. Boniface Diocesan High School in Winnipeg, was a recipient of the 2014 Beaverbrook Vimy Scholarship. She and other Canadian student winners travelled to England, France and Belgium to tour and learn about Canada’s involvement in both world wars. The trip transformed her thinking on remembrance, and she is eager to share her story with other Canadians. See below for her thoughtful presentation. Hannah Payumo’s Remembrance Day Reflection: By now I think that a lot of you know why I’d be up here today, on Remembrance Day of all days. In case you didn’t know, my name’s Hannah Payumo and I was a recipient of the Beaverbrook Vimy Prize, a two-week scholarship trip to England, France and Belgium to study W...

Slave Lake Legion Welcomes Wounded Warriors

Amid an incredible outpouring of support by the community of Slave Lake, Alta., a nearly 200-strong contingent of wounded warriors from Canada, the United States and Britain spent a weekend this August fishing, four-wheeling and generally helping each other heal. This was the third annual Wounded Warriors Weekend which ran Aug. 1-5 and it is aimed—like the foundation it was named for—at providing assistance to veterans suffering from operational stress injuries like post-traumatic stress disorder. It is another of the grassroots projects that have sprung up in Canada in the past few years to serve the particular needs of modern veterans. As envisioned by its founder—air force veteran Blake Emmons—the weekend was meant to augment Remembrance Day, as a way to celebrate those who we...
Brian Lorimer
War Art

Brian Lorimer

Brian Lorimer paints big, vivid pictures and for the last two years he has dedicated himself to capturing and commemorating the First World War. He has titled this newest series Project Remembrance and it was completed just in time for the centenary.   Lorimer was born in Belleville, Ont., in 1961, studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design for three years and a decade later founded a studio focusing on mural design. He sold the business in 2002 and concentrated on his art. This artist has painted works as large as 76 feet long and Project Remembrance continues the tradition. It is made up of 36 canvases, most measuring five feet by six feet. But, it wasn’t enough to simply paint the war, the artist wanted to experience life in the trenches, albeit without the rats and artillery. ...

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