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Month: November 2014


Historic WWII Photo – Survivors

Survivors of the torpedoed merchant ships SS Ashantian and SS Wanstead aboard the rescue trawler HMS Northern Gift, April 1943. LIEUT. GERALD M. MOSES, LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA153052

Mystery Man – The Strange Case of Richard C. MacGregor

Mystery Man – The Strange Case of Richard C. MacGregor By Leslie C. Morrison December, 1949   Out of the First World War came many strange stories of men who, after being reported missing, presumed killed, were discovered several years later very much alive, but living under a different identity.   One of the most amazing is that of ex-Private Richard C. MacGregor of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It is a story of a country-wide investigation continued over a period of twelve years to establish, against almost insurmountable odds, one man’s identity. That it finally culminated in success makes it worthy of being listed in the government’s archives in Ottawa as one of Canada’s most interesting documents.   HOW THE CASE STARTED   It all begins early in 193...
Humour Hunt

Humour Hunt

Stan Baker of St. Hubert, Que., tells us: “The corvette I was on had two officers arguing about which had the more important job on the ship, the engineer or 1st lieutenant. The captain told the engineer to go to the bridge and the 1st lieutenant to the engine room. Fifteen minutes later the 1st lieutenant phoned the bridge: “’I can’t get these engines to go.’ “’Never mind, we’re on the rocks,’ the engineer replied.”      

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