Day: October 10, 2014

The brewing battle
Home Front

The brewing battle

Exclusive Audio Edition: In the summer of 1941, Matthew H. Halton, a Toronto Star war correspondent, arrived in Solum, an Egyptian village near the Mediterranean Sea, just east of the border with Libya. The British army there was under heavy attack by General Erwin Rommel—the fabled “Desert Fox.” As the shells of the German Afrika Korps rained down on Solum, Halton fearlessly recorded the fighting and dying in the searing sands of North Africa. The fact that “one brigade with a few guns” ultimately held off the German assault, left Halton “shaking with pride.” When the fighting was done, a charming young British lieutenant approached Halton and offered him a drink. But Halton knew it was an unforgivable sin in the desert to accept water or other drinks from people, and as a resul...

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