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Month: October 2014

Humour Hunt

Humour Hunt

John Rhodes of Fonthill, Ont. tells us that early in the Sicilian campaign, the West Nova Scotia Regt. was to attack a village during the night. One company was to move behind the village after dark and fire two white flares when in position. “My company was to attack as soon as the flares were seen. “We got into position in good time and I posted two look-outs with orders to let me know as soon as they saw two white flares go up behind the village. I received no word, so two hours later crawled up to the look-outs and asked if they were sure that two flares had not gone up. They assured me they had not seen any flares going up but one added as an afterthought that they had seen two coming down about an hour earlier. “That is how I learned how specific instructions had to be. For...

The Grand Finale

The Grand Finale By Frank J. Atkinson November, 1953   It was the Eleventh of November, 1918. The Grande Place in Mons, rich with memories of the start of the Great War in August, 1914, and the epic struggle of the British Army against overwhelming odds of the invading German armies, was like an ant-heap with assembling Canadian troops. Lieut.-General Sir Arthur Currie, Canadian Corps Commander, was due to arrive at any moment.   With the passing of intense war activity the divisional Intelligence Officer was itching to repeat his scoop of the previous day … a germ-spreading traitor had been captured in his sleep in an attic on his return from a long journey to the distant Baltic province where he had made sure his tiny phials would be crushed in the cogwheels...
Humour Hunt

Humour Hunt

Albert Ganser of Provost, Alta., tells a story about General Smuts of South Africa on a visit to Ottawa during the Second World War. A Canadian officer asked him seriously how he accounted for his long military life. Gen. Smuts replied: “One reason is that I was born a long time ago and the other is the fact that I’m still alive.”        

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