Day: September 7, 2014


Parliamentary Committee Recommends Changes To New Veterans Charter

Long-awaited changes to the New Veterans Charter have been recommended to address gaps in financial support, benefits for the most severely disabled and support for families, but veterans advocates are not yet ready to hang up their spurs. “The report acknowledges that the New Veterans Charter is not perfect and more still needs to be done,” said Dominion President Tom Eagles of The Royal Canadian Legion. But these recommendations from the House of Commons Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs “will provide a significant improvement.” Veterans Ombudsman Guy Parent said, “While I support the majority of the recommendations…I will closely monitor their implementation because a plan is just a plan until it is put into action.” Many recommendations address financial issues identified...
Byron Greff’s Wedding Ring
Defence Today

Byron Greff’s Wedding Ring

Exclusive Audio Edition: Almost three years ago the last Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan was killed by a suicide bomber. In the long shadow of that sacrifice is a young mother trying to learn how to live with a lost husband and a broken heart. It was early on Saturday morning in Morinville, Alta., and Lindsay Greff was exhausted. She was lying in bed, fast asleep with her tiny, two-week-old daughter Brielle sleeping beside her. It had been a long few days. Her six-year-old son Kellar was in bed asleep down the hall. Lindsay was 26 and she’d been together with her husband since she was a teenager. Just a couple months ago they were finally married. He’d been there a few days before to see Brielle born. Lindsay, asleep in bed, didn’t yet know her husband was dead. ...



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