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Day: September 4, 2014

Humour Hunt

Humour Hunt

Hazel Birt of Winnipeg sends us a story which could no doubt, be set in many other countries: During the long struggle between the Finns and the Russians early in the Second World War, an infantryman named Heino was finally allowed a three-day pass to go home and see his wife. He was a day late returning. “I can put you on charge,” bellowed his commanding officer. “Why are you late?” “Well,” said the Finnish soldier, “it’s all because my wife Olka was having a bath when I got home.” “What’s that got to do with you being late?” “As I say,” explained Heino, “there she was in the bath and it took four days for my greatcoat to dry.”    

An Incident

An Incident By James Frances December 1926 The second draft for overseas service was very much like the first, and, for that matter, it differed little from those that were to follow. It was the same heterogeneous collection of saints and sinners, rich and poor the good, the bad, and the utterly indifferent, sharing the same characteristics as the others. Their common trait was a good physique, their common anxiety was to get over there, and their common fear was that all would be over before they could get there. And these characteristics held them together in spite of orderly-room sergeants, and inoculations, and physical jerks, and the thousand and one petty annoyances of army routine. They were a motley assortment, indeed. Smart looking ex-Imperials rubbed shoulders with the...
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Legion Poster And Literary Contests, Relating To Remembrance

Every year, in every corner of Canada, a huge collection of teachers, youth and Legionnaires come together to create art in the name of remembrance, giving life to the Legion’s annual poster and literary contests. In 2014 thousands of students from across the country—from Corner Brook to Cranbrook—worked long and hard to determine what, exactly, remembrance meant to them and then sought out to capture that feeling in art. The poems, essays and posters they created were judged at the local, regional and provincial levels before a special few made it to dominion level to be selected as first-place winners. From the primary level through junior and intermediate all the way to senior, the works these students produced is as varied as possible, but the same theme occurs again and again. ...

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