Find-Share-Discuss: July/August 2014

On Guard In Jamaica

Mary Bingham of Alexandria, Ont., shares photos taken by her late father Lloyd Henry McHugh who joined the Brockville Rifles and served during the Second World War. His unit arrived in Jamaica in the summer of 1944, and according to the official history of the Brockville Rifles, the unit’s purpose there was fourfold: 1) To be ready for operational duty 2) to assist in training local forces 3) to provide the perimeter guard for the internment camp 4) to provide aid to the civil power.

These photos were taken while he was a guard at an internment camp in Jamaica.


A German prisoner strolls around the inside perimeter of the internment camp.


Lloyd Henry McHugh (standing, right) and some other lads pose for a photo at the camp.


While not on guard duty, Lloyd Henry McHugh—a barber by trade—cut hair at the camp.


Written on the back of this photo is the following message: Picture taken Sept. 12/44. To my love. Armand Paradis and myself beside our hut. Do you want the flowers. Love from L.H. McHugh


Members of Lloyd Henry McHugh’s platoon in front of the huts.


The German prisoner of war camp in Jamaica where Lloyd Henry McHugh was assigned guard duties.


Lloyd Henry McHugh relaxes with his buddies while stationed in Jamaica during the Second World War.


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