Find-Share-Discuss: March/April 2014

March 1, 2014 by Legion Magazine

Sharing a family wartime memory…


Troy Pauls of Winnipeg shares a photo showing his dad, George, (right) and his two brothers, Hank (left) and Frank (centre). A fourth brother, Cornelius, served as a medic during the Second World War. Hank drove a self-propelled gun. Frank did not go overseas. Troy says his father lost his left arm on Oct. 5, 1944, on the Belgium/Holland border. “He was shot running across a field. This is the only picture of my dad in uniform with his left hand. He was 19 years old. Thanks for letting me share part of his story… He is my hero.”

We thank Troy for sharing this photo with us. The Find Share Discuss feature on Legion Magazine’s website is the perfect place to share wartime photos and the memories that go with them.

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