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March 1, 2014 by Legion Magazine

A wartime reunion for three brothers…

Fred Fimio of Barrie, Ont., shares a few photos that bring back memories of a reunion he had with his two brothers.

Fred, Gordon and Phil all served in the Second World War and enjoyed an unexpected reunion in Portsmouth Harbour, England, in 1944.

Two of the brothers, Phil and Gordon, served in the air force—in bombers. Fred, meanwhile, served on His Majesty’s Canadian Ship Mulgrave. “As I came off watch I received a call to report to the Quarter Deck. When I reported, to my surprise, there on the Quarter Deck stood Gord, my older brother and next to him, Phil, my younger brother,” wrote Fred in a story that appeared in a local seniors newspaper in 2005.

Fred at age 18. A wartime photo of Gordon and Philip. HMCS Mulgrave

Above: Fred at age 18; a wartime photo of Gordon and Philip; HMCS Mulgrave

Fred says after initial hellos the three boys enjoyed each other’s company in Glasgow, Scotland, where they swapped stories, shared news from home and socialized with the locals.

We thank Fred for sharing these photos with us, and encourage others to submit photos of wartime experience.

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