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Find-Share-Discuss: March/April 2014

Posing on the wing of a Supermarine Walrus…in Yarmouth, N.S.


John Harwood of Brighton, Ont., shares a wartime photo taken in Yarmouth, N.S. His father-in-law, Robert Jamieson, is in the photo, but unidentified. Robert went by his middle name Lionel and served in the air force, but there are also navy personnel in the photo. “My wife came upon the photo among her late father’s belongings. John believes Lionel served in a maritime anti-submarine reconnaissance squadron, which was based in Yarmouth during the Second World War… I thought this might be of historical interest to some of your readers. ”

Air force historian Hugh A. Halliday kindly identified the aircraft type and believes the photo was taken at No. 1 Naval Air Gunners School in Yarmouth.

We thank John and his wife for sharing this photo, and encourage others to submit photos for Legion Magazine’s Find Share Discuss feature.

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