Day: February 4, 2014

Witness to Remembrance

The 2nd Annual Caribbean Commonwealth Cruise – Day Three

Arrived at Basseterre, St. Kitts, at 0700 and 172 nautical miles from St. Thomas. Everyone enjoying the shopping and strolling just off the pier. Everyone so friendly. Weather gorgeous. Here is Joe and Charliene Franczak from R.L. Zengel Branch in Rocky Mountain House, Alta., waiting for their Island and rum tasting tour. Most of the tour members who went on this tour, Feb 4.


Published in Legion Magazine, June 1975 By John Grogan Exclusive Audio Version:    It was January, 1945, and bitterly cold. We were prisoners of war struggling along a snow-covered road in Czechoslovakia. Some had been in prison camps since the fall of France, others like myself since the Dieppe raid. Now the Germans had us on the move to keep us from being liberated by the fast-moving Russian army. Already we had crossed the Oder and Elbe rivers and the Sudeten mountains. The nervous German guards, their faces dark under their helmets, herded us on with shouts, curses and blows. Some were left along the road side; sick men who could not carry on. They lay where they fell, and that terrible winter reached out and embraced them. Stronger men, who had sworn they woul...

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