Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Undated Somewhere in France

The first part of this letter with its date is missing. However, Clifford seems to be answering a letter in which his mother has said she had a vision of him in some recent fight. We also learn that Clifford is about to be transferred. As we find out later, his battalion is being sent to Belgium to fight at Passchendaele.

I thought I wrote to you about the night you had that vision. Well, we got relieved early that night and missed all that show. [By] the time it started we were back at our billets. So you will be glad that your fears were groundless.

I was down to see Freddie’s grave yesterday. It is kept in excellent condition. We are billeted down where he died now but I believe we will soon be on the move to a different front altogether. At least, it is rumoured anyway.

Well, Mother, I am just about out of news for this time. I will have to close for now but will write you again in a few days if we are not on the move. So with best wishes and love to all,

Your loving son,


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