Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Oct. 23, 1917 Somewhere in France

This is the last letter written by Clifford Bowes in the collection. He is killed Oct. 28, five days later fighting at Passchendaele.

My dear Mother and folk,

No doubt you will be wondering why I do not write more frequent but lately it has been hard to get letters away. However, I am in the best of health and spirits and I hope these few lines find you all enjoying the same blessing.

Well, I suppose by now they will have conscription going full blast. I certainly do hope that they do not send Elliott for there have been enough out of our family in this mix up. Anyway, all the boys from home are fine and dandy, at least. Namely, Phillips, Mains and Park are jake and Archie Taylor and few were all to the good the last I saw of them. I have not seen Jim for a long while as they are separated from us now but I understand he is still OK. I sure miss him all right.

I got both parcels all OK and everything arrived fine and dandy. I am patiently waiting the arrival of the long boots as they would sure be fine things to have here now.

I have not had any mail from home for some time although there have been a couple of Canadian mails in but mostly from the east. Well Mother, I am about beat for news so will have to close for the present. Hoping these few lines find you enjoying the best of health and happiness as it leaves me the same.

Best wishes and love to all

I am ever your loving son,


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