Letters From The Bowes Brothers – July 7, 1917 Somewhere in France

My Dear Mother and Family,

Well, I am the lucky boy. Just drew down your letter, a couple from Ada and one from Elliott and another from little Eva King, all yesterday and they have cheered us up. Believe me, Mother, if our letters are appreciated as much as the ones we get, they must be welcome. I will answer yours and Ada’s and Elliott’s all in one owing to the scarcity of paper and time at hand to write at all.

Well, I am in the best of health and the whole battalion are having an easy time of now. Pretty near time we had, for we only had 11 months of a grind right off the bat. So that’s not so bad for a start. But we sure made a name for ourselves on the battlefields of France.

What do you think of the way the Russians are coming along at present? A little assistance from them earlier on would have helped a lot.

I was out with Jim Taylor last night and tonight and we ran into [some soldiers from Boissevain]. We always have a big talk about home when we chance upon one another.

How is the conscription coming along anyway? Have they rounded up any of the bunch yet?

Well folks, will have to ring off for the night. Hoping this finds you, one and all, in the best of health and happiness.

Your loving son,


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