Letters From The Bowes Brothers – July 25, 1917 Somewhere in France

Dear Mother and Family,

Your ever welcome and loving letter of July 3rd was received today and it sure was cheerful to read. I have had several talks with the home boys. I have only run across George Hyde the once and then he was on duty so we only had time to shake hands and wish each other luck. He was then with the ammunition column.

Lieut. Linkros was wounded 13th of February and died the same day. That was the first night Jimmie and Freddie hit the front line and what a reception at that but they didn’t seem to mind it at all. They sure were men.

So glad to hear of Evelyn passing her summer exams and wish you would get her a suitable present for her from me and express my heartfelt congratulations to her for her success…

You will have to excuse this poor writing as I am rather out of practice with the pen. But as I had a chance to get it filled the other day “free gratis” I took the time to do so. Also I wanted to let you know that I still carry the pen you gave me on my birthday several years ago. How I have ever kept from getting it broke as I have carried it with me continually…

Your loving son,


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