Letters From The Bowes Brothers – June 7, 1917 Headquarters Canadian YMCA Canadian Corps France

Dear Mrs. Bowes,

At a religious service I conducted last night in the YMCA in this area, your son D.C. Bowes #622720 was present, not only indicated his interest in the Christian life but also gave your name and address with the request that I should write regarding his welfare.

Let me assure you that he is well in health. He also assures me the “The good fight” goes well in his own heart. To win there is to win everywhere.

You have done a noble service in giving him to the country’s cause. I join in prayers with yours that he may return safely in the near future, that during these days of anxiety and separation both he and his loved ones may realize the comforting and protecting care of God.

Yours sincerely,

John MacNeil



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