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  • Did You Know Service Officers Can Help You?

    July 7, 2013 by Legion Magazine
    The Legion’s Service Bureau Network of professional service officers assists and represents still serving CF members, veterans, RCMP members and their families at all stages of the disability claims process with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), from the first application up to and including a Request...
  • Dearest Folks, Received Ada’s very welcome letter when I came out of the line and to say I was delighted to get it would be putting it mild as it has been quite a while since Jim or I heard from over yonder. Cliff has...
  • Eye On Defence: July/August 2013

    July 3, 2013 by David J. Bercuson
    North Korean belligerence in the first few months of this year has put the question back into public discussion of whether or not Canada should inform the United States that this country is now ready to negotiate a ballistic missile defence agreement.  Ballistic Missile Defence,...
  • My dear Mother, Here I am again, Musie, to let you know that we are all well. Cliff has a toothache, something the same as he had the year he was at McGregors’ place. Do you remember? I was up the line for the fist...
  • On This Date: July 2013

    July 1, 2013 by Legion Magazine
    Canadian soldiers returning from trenches during the Battle of the Somme. PHOTO: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA000832 JULY 1, 1916 The Battle of the Somme begins. At Beaumont Hamel, the Newfoundland Regiment advances into point blank fire from German machine guns. Only 68 of 801 who...
  • 1812 Journal – Then And Now

    July 1, 2013 by John Boileau
    Black Rock, N.Y. ILLUSTRATION: PETER RINDLISBACHER The War of 1812 lasted from the American declaration of war on Great Britain in June 1812 to the ratification of the Treaty of Ghent in February 1815. Each article in our Then & Now Journal consists of two...
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