Letters From The Bowes Brothers – March 9, 1917 France

July 25, 2013 by Tom MacGregor

Dear Mrs Bowes,

It was my sad duty in just days ago to write you of the death of your son J.L. Bowes and the wounding of his brother Pte. F.A. Bowes No. 291815 of the 44th Canadian Infantry. Today I am called upon to write news adding to your sorrow. F.A. was very badly wounded and succumbed to those injuries on March 8th. The hospital is some distance from here and I could not visit him. I went over to the funeral today and learned news of him. He was only conscious for a little while and then was unconscious until his death came to release him from his suffering.

The chaplain at the hospital is writing you and he will tell you all there is to be told. I tried to get to your third son to tell him personally. I went to the Company of Royal Engineers to which he is temporarily attached. Arriving there I found he had been transferred to another company. He was a considerable distance and the time being we could not get in touch with him. I am writing to him tonight. He will feel a great loneliness but the activity and the united work will make it easier for him to bear.

For you at home, this news comes with crushing force. Could I in my way do anything to lighten your grief, I would be glad to do it.

In deepest sympathy,

George Farquhar, Chaplain

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