Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Feb. 9, 1917 Somewhere in France

Don’t faint people, it’s only me at last found time to drop you a few lines to let you know I am well and extremely happy as Jim and Fred are with me at last.

I received your letter of Jan. 10 just after my birthday. Oh yes folks, I celebrated my 25th birthday in lively style all right. I can’t tell you about it here but hope to be able to relate it to you all before another year rolls around. I received the parcel from the ladies of Boissevain. I wish you would acknowledge same with my thanks through the columns of the Boissevain Recorder as I have not the time nor talent to compose a suitable reply to same.

Fred just got his Xmas cake about three days ago but it came though jake.

Tell Elliott to get me the best straight-bladed razor and strap he can buy. Get the barber to hone same before he sends it. Also a couple of boxes of Gillette blades as it is awful to shave over here.



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