Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Feb. 5, 1917 Boissevain, Man.

June 25, 2013 by Tom MacGregor

My darling Baby Boy,

I hope you are not suffering too much from the cold although the papers say it is the coldest in France since the war begun. Is it muddy or is the mud frozen? The papers say the U.S. is on the verge of breaking with Germany. Sissy Wilson [U.S. President Woodrow Wilson] must be getting tired of writing notes. What do you think? Well I sincerely hope it will help bring the war to a close.

There is quite a lot of talk about scarlet fever spreading in town. A week ago Jean Cameron took it and today Evelyn came home with the news several more had it.

Do you know anything about the 222nd band? There was a report last week that Lightfoot was returning to Canada and bringing the band back with him. I suppose for the purpose of recruiting. I wish you would give me a list of those that were left in England of the Boissevain unit and why they were not taken. Do try, Freddie, to give me a list. I want to know just what kind of places you live in. How many to a tent or dugout or hut or whatever they were.

Darling boy I do hope you are careful of yourself. Jim made me very happy by telling me what a good fellow you were. In the midst of trouble those bright spots count for a lot. It is such a comfort to know my dear lads are growing [into] splendid men. “A good son makes a glad mother,” is one of the truest sayings ever written.

There is some talk of the South American nations going in with the Allies, Brazil, Chile, etc. If they would only all go in together it might shorten the war considerably.

You will be glad to know the money to finish paying for the house is here. So if Dad loses his job, we will at least have a roof over our heads.

Write often and long. Do you still hear the cannons roar? Does a night seem as short now as it did when you were little? You said “a night was the shortest thing in the world. You just shut your eyes and when you open them, it is morning.” Dear little kiddie, I often think of the funny wee speeches of all of you when you were wee.

May the Lord bless thee and keep thee.

Lovingly as ever,


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