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  • My dearest Mother, Honestly Mother, this is the first time I have had any few minutes on my hands in some time as after we were back from leave. We had a whole week on the rifle ranges and had two guards and various other...
  • Access Gained Access Denied

    May 1, 2013 by Tom MacGregor
    Veterans advocate Sean Bruyea realized something was wrong shortly after he appeared before a Parliamentary committee and spoke negatively about the provisions in the New Veterans...
  • A cover that jumps off the newsstands and a series of powerful illustrations on the agony of operational stress injuries have won Legion Magazine two prestigious awards in the past few...
  • The Veterans Review and Appeal Board has been advised by a parliamentary committee to review the way it handles benefit of the doubt in appeals of disability benefit rulings....
  • Find-Share-Discuss: May/June 2013

    May 1, 2013 by Legion Magazine
    Heat and Danger In Italy—Summer 1944 Canadian war veteran Lloyd A. Carter of Hemet, Calif., shares two photos taken while he was attached to a gun shop detachment with 1st Canadian Division. The top photo was taken near Alife, Italy, when summer’s heat “reduced me...
  • In southern Afghanistan in 2009, a close-knit unit of Canadian soldiers gathered in the sandy courtyard of their small base to get a briefing before their first combat...
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