Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Jan. 23, 1917 France

May 30, 2013 by Tom MacGregor

My dearest Mother,

As it is nearly a week since I wrote you last, I thought that it was up to me to continue the good work, so here goes nothing.

Received Jim’s tobacco OK a couple of nights ago and it sure goes good as I’ve never seen anything like the old Canadian tobacco yet. Still considerable of it yet. Although the boys certainly like to get it and I can’t refuse them as I know what it is to get some now. Also Jim got his cake tonight and it arrived in excellent shape. Boy but it was a beauty and it tasted better than it looked. It sure was a dandy. It sure hit the right place all right. He also got his draft all right but hasn’t got it cashed as yet.

As for the Parks family, the whole three were turned down but didn’t stay in England long enough to find out what happened. I think they will also be kept. Bill King is being sent home as he took influenza shortly after arriving in England and last night I had a letter from him saying that it turned to be double pneumonia and after an abscess formed on the inside of his lung and he had to be operated on. He said that the doctor had said he was going to be sent back as soon as he was able to travel. So he will be the first of 222nd to return.

Still haven’t seen Cliff yet and will not likely for we are quarantined here now as some of the other battalion have mumps and as a result we are all penned up. A little inconvenient but that is all.

About six inches of snow here now and every thing frozen up solid. Today was bright and clear but quite frosty. Just put me in mind of a Manitoba winter little chilly at night but otherwise all right. The kids skating on the ponds certainly puts one in mind of home but hope next winter I will be there.

Your loving son,



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