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Month: April 2013

Letters From The Bowes Brothers

Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Nov. 25, 1916 Shoreham Camp, Sussex, England

My dear Mother, The camp is still muddy but not bad at that. We have straw ticks to sleep on and four blankets besides raised boards to sleep on. Everything is fairly comfortable so we have nothing to kick on. The platoon has been split up into two shacks. I have charge of one and have 24 men in with me. They behave well so have no trouble handling them. We draw our food from the cookhouse and eat in our shacks. It is a far better system than was in vogue in Camp Hughes. No butter here and margarine not very plentiful. We do not have any tea to drink at dinner but that does not amount to anything as we get good cocoa or tea for breakfast and supper. Now for some of our hours. Reveille 6:30 a.m. Breakfast 7:15 a.m. morning parade 9 a.m. to noon. Dinner 12:15 Afternoon parade 2 p...
This Week In Military History

These Are The Results For The Week Of April 15 – April 21

04/14/1944 His Majesty’s Canadian Ship Swansea of the Royal Canadian Navy’s Escort Group 9 and His Majesty’s Ship Pelican share in the sinking of U-448 in the Atlantic. 04/14-17/1945 The fight to liberate Apeldoorn in the Netherlands begins when 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade—supported by tanks of the 1st Hussars, tries to seize control of the main bridge over the Apeldoorn Canal. Stiff opposition is encountered and new plans to encircle the city are made. On April 16, 2nd Bde. crosses the canal south of the city, outflanking the enemy who withdraw to the west. When Canadian soldiers enter the city, they are greeted by thousands of cheering Dutch citizens. 04/16/1945 While conducting an anti-submarine sweep, the Canadian minesweeper Esquimalt is torpedoed and sunk by U-190 off H...
Health File: Canada’s Brain Wave

Health File: Canada’s Brain Wave

The recipe looks delicious—roasted butternut squash soup with roasted pumpkin seeds—but what makes it more attractive than a zillion others available online is that it’s food for thought. Literally. It’s from Mindfull, an e-book collection of 100 brain-healthy recipes developed by researchers at the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Health Sciences and the University of Toronto. Filled with recipes by Canadian celebrity chefs, it provides a menu of information about nutrition that supports brain health, and how to use that information in everyday life. More information is available at The book is part of a national trend, backed by big research dollars, that will soon have us all more mindful of brain health. At some point in their lives, one in...
On This Date

On This Date: April 2013

APRIL 1, 1734 On Cape Breton Island, the lighthouse at Louisbourg is officially lit; the only other on the entire eastern coast of North America is in Boston, Mass. APRIL 2, 1871 Canada’s population is 3,689,257, according to the first census of the Dominion of Canada. APRIL 3, 1669 The roots of the Canadian militia are planted when King Louis XIV orders men to be organized into companies for military training so they can defend the colony of New France. APRIL 4, 1968 American civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King is assassinated in Memphis, Tenn. APRIL 5, 1947 The first of seven Sikorsky helicopters, to be used for search and rescue, is received by the Royal Canadian Air Force. APRIL 6, 1955 The last Canadian infantry battalion to serve in Korea, the ...
Letters From The Bowes Brothers

Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Nov. 22, 1916 Shoreham camp, Sussex England

My dear Mother, Here we are at last in camp and it surely is a pretty place. We are about six miles from Brighton, so are quite near the seashore. Will give more details when I write next as I do not know much about the place yet as we only got in at 2 a.m. this morning. We left Saint John a week ago Sunday night and got into Halifax Monday about 10:30 a.m. We got a dandy send off at Saint John. At Moncton there were about 6,000 down at the station but very few waited for us as it was as 12 when we went through. We didn’t see much of Halifax as we went through as we went straight on board the Olympia. Some boat, believe me. The 147th (Neyles, Ont.) 158th (Vancouver), 173rd (Hamilton Highlanders) 180th (Toronto) 194th (Edmonton Highlanders) and the 222nd also a bunch of signallers art...
Letters From The Bowes Brothers

Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Nov. 19, 1916 Saint John, N.B.

My Dearest Mother, Here we are down at the seaside waiting for a ship to take us across. How soon that will be I don’t know but I’m fairly well satisfied here as the people of Saint John certainly used us fine so far. It is quite a pretty place. We are on what is called West Saint John. I have to take a ferry to get across to town. It isn’t an island but just where the ocean cuts in here we are at the immigration buildings and you can stand in the front door and watch the tide come in and out. Although it’s very quiet here as it doesn’t get the sweep that it would on the coast. There is two hours difference in the time between here and home. I enjoyed my trip down here the utmost and if the rest of it is no worse than what’s past I’ll be jake. But all the way down I never saw any pla...

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