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New Members Being Recruited One By One

The Legion is launching a new membership campaign that calls on its members to bring in one new member each.

Using the slogan One By One, the campaign will feature posters, tent cards, coasters and other promotional material being sent to all branches with a covering note from Dominion Command Membership Committee Chairman Peter Piper.

Those local items will be supported by ads in Legion Magazine and on the Legion’s social media on Facebook and Twitter. Members will be encouraged to create videos that can be used on the Legion’s YouTube page. All will bear the One By One logo.

“It is an age-old campaign for membership organizations,” said Dominion Command Director of Marketing and Membership Scott Ferris. “Each member is asked to bring in one new member.”

Among the materials sent to branches will be One By One tally sheets to keep track of new members and by whom they were brought in. Each time a member brings in a new member, he or she receives a ballot to enter in draws for various prizes to be awarded on a monthly basis. The campaign runs from April 29 to Aug. 31.

“If five per cent of our membership brings in one new member, that is 16,000 new members. If 10 per cent participate, that’s 32,000 new members,” said Ferris.

Part of the campaign is to get Legion branches to open up their buildings so members of the public can see what goes on inside. “Legion branches are often the cornerstone of their community,” said Ferris. “They are where people hold their wedding receptions, graduation parties and other events.”

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