Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Nov. 1, 1916 Bramshott Camp, England

Dearest Mother and Evelyn,

I am indeed sorry I have not written sooner but the only excuse I can offer is the lack of news and neglect, also we have been very busy getting ready to go to France in the near future, or so they have told us.

I got your letter of Sept. 27th the other day and also one from Gladys dated the 28th and very glad to get them for it is very seldom now that I hear from you. I can quite understand where my mail is as it sure is a job to find a person once their battalion leaves for France and you happen to be left behind.

It was just a little over a year ago that we landed here at Bramshott Camp. I just got a letter from Jim Taylor. He was well when he wrote. He also sent me the sad news that little Pyrke of the gun section was killed in the trenches the night before he wrote. Poor kid. I pity his wife and kiddies. It sure hit me hard as he was a fine fellow and was very good to me when I was in the hospital. Also McRae and some of the other boys were wounded, so the old section is getting pretty well broken up.

Your loving son,


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