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Month: April 2013

Letters From The Bowes Brothers

Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Dec. 16, 1916 Shoreham Camp, England

My dear Mother, Well Musie, now for a little confession. I have been in bed for four days with a cold. It was more like the grippe than anything. I am up again today and feeling fine so you needn’t worry. The battalion has been at the ranges for two weeks now and still at it. The range system isn’t as good as at Camp Hughes or anyways nearly as large. Both Fred and I have shot and did fairly well all things considered. It has rained practically every day since we came back from London. The light is awfully poor for shooting. In fact, we could hardly see the outline of the targets when we were shooting at the 400-yard range. You say don’t forget Manitoba and to hurry back. Mother dearest, if the Atlantic was frozen over the boys would all be skating back. You may be sure that we wi...

New Members Being Recruited One By One

The Legion is launching a new membership campaign that calls on its members to bring in one new member each. Using the slogan One By One, the campaign will feature posters, tent cards, coasters and other promotional material being sent to all branches with a covering note from Dominion Command Membership Committee Chairman Peter Piper. Those local items will be supported by ads in Legion Magazine and on the Legion’s social media on Facebook and Twitter. Members will be encouraged to create videos that can be used on the Legion’s YouTube page. All will bear the One By One logo. “It is an age-old campaign for membership organizations,” said Dominion Command Director of Marketing and Membership Scott Ferris. “Each member is asked to bring in one new member.” Among the materials se...
Letters From The Bowes Brothers

Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Dec. 8, 1916 Shoreham Camp, England

My dear mother, Here I am back in camp again and as promised in my last letter I am writing again. I got in here at 11:40 a.m. and after dinner, shaved, cleaned up and went out on parade. We were issued with rifles—Lee Enfields—and will be going on the ranges tomorrow. The Lee Enfield is shorter than the Ross and consequently lighter. The bayonet is a lot longer though so the fighting length of the two rifles is practically the same. The Ross is the best target rifle of the two but the Enfield is better adopted for trench warfare. Fred received a letter from you today and I had one from Laura. Yours was sent to Saint John and then to the Army Post Office in London. Gee, it was good to get Canadian mail. I expect we will go to France soon if our shooting is anyways decent. I wil...
Letters From The Bowes Brothers

Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Dec. 3, 1916 I.O.D.E. (Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire) Annexes, London, England

Dear Mother, You will see by the above that I am in London and staying at the above club. It is a dandy place right alongside Hyde Park and is run for soldiers only. Fred, Hank Anderson, Gordon Little, John Penny, Mitchell and your son James are all stopping here. Bed and breakfast only cost 32 cents and it was easily worth three times that. They only charge to cover the expense of running as the building was donated to the club by a private party. There surely is a great mixture of soldiers here, Australians South Africans, Canadians, etc. Some have very picturesque costumes but I like the Canadian uniform the best. I was down to Buckingham Palace this morning to see the new guard mount. Gee, they sure were a fine body of men and they certainly knew their business. They were dres...
This Week In Military History

These Are The Results For The Week Of April 22 – April 28

04/22/1915 The Germans unleash a new deadly weapon—chlorine gas—at Ypres, Belgium, on the Western Front. 04/22/1944 Two frigates, His Majesty’s Canadian ships Swansea and Matane, destroy U-311 while on convoy duty in the North Atlantic. 04/23/1915 In Belgium, Canadian infantry dig in after attacking Mauser Ridge west of Kitchener’s Wood near St. Julien. 04/23-24/1951 United Nations forces come under attack in the Kapyong Valley in Korea. 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry is hit hard, but holds onto Hill 677. The PPCLI later receives the U.S. Presidential Unit Citation. 04/24/1915 Deadly chlorine gas is released by the Germans into no man’s land opposite the 15th and 8th Canadian battalions. Waves of German infantry follow the cloud. A barrage in...
Letters From The Bowes Brothers

Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Nov. 29, 1916 Shoreham Camp, England

My dear Mother, We had a letter from Cliff just before he left for France but could not get over to see him although we tried our best. Still we may be over there before very long and then we will be able to see him. We are only 40 miles from the firing line now but can’t hear anything for we are not much better off in that respect than we were in Canada. The grub here is not too bad. What we get of it although we do not get nearly enough to satisfy us. The drilling is getting pretty hard here but it’s all we can expect. So far we have just been brushing up squad drill and the stuff we learned last winter. The hours are only from 9:30 to 12 and two to four but they sure keep us hopping while we are at it. We had an exam the other day and both Jim and I came through aflying althoug...

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