Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Aug. 14, 1916 Bearwood Convalescent Home, Wokingham, England

Dear Mother and Evelyn,

Your welcome and lovely letters arrived on Saturday, I am sorry to hear my letters were so short but , Mother, just try and imagine yourself cooped up in the one place for months and then try to write a letter and see how hard a job you have on your hands.

I suppose Jim and my pals are somewhere in France. My how I wish I had been with them but I expect my time will come all in good time. That is if I don’t get cut out when I go before the medical board. I am sorry you are worried about my condition but I am fine although not extra strong as that abscess drained the last ounce of strength out of me and it will be months yet before I am as strong as I was before my sickness. However, that is just a matter of time and care.

I was glad I was sick over here for I wouldn’t want to have you see me suffer what I did. That is all past now but believe me, when a fellow’s temperature hits around 105 degrees there is something doing. Captain Caldwell I believe is away with the boys. He was only in the hospital about 20 days. Dr. Colbet is still at Bramshott. Say mother he sure is a surgeon and can operate for anything at all. He sure should have some practice once this affair with Fritz has ended.

I suppose Gladys has not been down to visit you yet. I hope she is able to as I think you would enjoy her company very much—at least I do.

Well Mother, the bugle has just blown for dinner so I will beat it now and finish this letter later.

Your loving son,



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