Day: March 26, 2013

Letters From The Bowes Brothers

Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Oct. 17, 1916 Camp Hughes, Manitoba

Dear Mother, Ada left all the stuff with us that she brought, so I have been living rather high (for Camp Hughes) since Sunday. The goodies are all gone now so I guess it is back to the mulligan for me tomorrow. I stood it all summer so guess that I can stand it again. I sent down a bunch of views of camp with Ada. What do you think of them? You will be able to show people now what the camp looks like. Say isn’t this a dandy day? Gee but it is some miserable up here with the snow. No parades today so that helped matters some. Eddie O’Neil came into camp this morning. Some fine day for a starter. I don’t know for sure but it will be Nov. 2nd when we leave here. That is not a rumour but an unofficial statement direct from headquarters. I would ask you to keep it mum though as we ...

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