Day: March 17, 2013

1812 Journal – Then &Now
War Of 1812

1812 Journal – Then &Now

The War of 1812 lasted from the American declaration of war on Great Britain in June 1812 to the ratification of the Treaty of Ghent in February 1815. Each article in our Then & Now Journal consists of two parts. The “Then” portion describes events of the war in the same two-month time frame as 200 years ago. The “Now” portion highlights existing memorials, museums, battlefields, fortifications and other sites as well as various commemorative events. Space does not permit us to list every event, and so we encourage you to investigate what may be happening in your area or any event that may be of interest. THEN March: British naval blockade extended south and north from Chesapeake Bay to include Savannah, Charleston and New York. March 3: Rear Admiral George Cockburn’s s...

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