Day: March 12, 2013

Our Veterans

Year Of The Korean War Veteran Announced

The “forgotten war” will be remembered in 2013. This year is the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Korea Armistice Agreement and Veteran Affairs Minister Steven Blaney has announced that the government will mark 2013 as the Year of the Korean War Veteran. “It is our duty today to pay tribute to more than 26,000 Canadian men and women in uniform who came to the aid of South Koreans during the Korean War,” he said at a news conference Jan. 8 at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa.  Legion Magazine was one of a number of invited guests at the event. The magazine’s chairman, Tom Eagles, was invited to say a few words about Canvet’s special edition titled Korea: The Forgotten War 1950-53. After thanking the 16 Korean War veterans there, Eagles said, “This publication on the K...
Letters From The Bowes Brothers

Letters From The Bowes Brothers – July 30, 1916 Camp Hughes, Manitoba

My Dear Mother, You haven’t sent my money belt up yet. I wish you would as I have no place to carry money safely and don’t want to leave it in my tent as it isn’t at all safe. Myrtle Hakings is up today. Fred is showing her the camp. My cold is dandy again, so you needed worry about it. There were a lot of people in camp yesterday. Ida Scott was down from Rapid City and Fred was in his glory. Fred’s cold is O.K. again. It was more of a chill than a cold, I believe. Archie Flockhart is still in the hospital with measles but is not very sick. None of the rest of them have them although the rest of Flockhart’s tent have been isolated. I am going back to #16 platoon tomorrow. Lieutenant wants me and, as I am not at all particular, it was easily arranged as #15 was over strength. Was to c...

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