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  • The second phase of Operation Totalize, which began on the afternoon of Aug. 8, 1944, was intended to bring 4th Canadian and 1st Polish Armoured divisions to the high ground overlooking the town of Falaise in Normandy. The divisions were to advance together on either...
  • Veterans Identification Cards Gain Support

    March 30, 2013 by Tom MacGregor
    The Royal Canadian Legion is strongly supporting a special report by Veterans Ombudsman Guy Parent calling on the federal government to issue national identification cards for all veterans. “The Veterans Ombudsman proposes the issuance of a national veterans identification card as a means of facilitating...
  • Dear Mother, Well Musie, old Camp Hughes has got to be cleared by Oct. 26th and we are going to Winnipeg Saturday or Monday. Saturday, I believe. We are going to be in the Foley Larsen Building. I would have phoned you today only I...
  • Dear Mother, Ada left all the stuff with us that she brought, so I have been living rather high (for Camp Hughes) since Sunday. The goodies are all gone now so I guess it is back to the mulligan for me tomorrow. I stood it...
  • 03/25/1952 The Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry is surrounded as the Chinese raid Hill 132. The Canadians provide strong resistance and hang on to the position until the Chinese withdraw. 03/25/1958 The CF-105 Avro Arrow flies for the first time at Malton, Ont. Planned to...
  • The location of this shipyard used to build Algerine-class minesweepers is not identified, but the date is 1944. PHOTO: NATIONAL FILM BOARD, LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—E000762568 The operational crisis of 1942 shaped the nature of the Royal Canadian Navy’s escort fleet for the balance of...
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