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February 7, 2013 by Legion Magazine

Find-Share-Discuss: Kevin Joynt Photo

Splice the main brace

Kevin Joynt sent us this photo taken on board his father’s motor launch on VE-Day, May 8, 1945.

Joynt says his father, John Joynt, (standing, sixth from left) and the crew had just received their rum ration. He identified the vessel as Fairmile Motor Launch Q 072, and the other sailors as (standing from left to right) Lieutenant A. Kenning, Sub-Lt. J. Dobbs, J. Clift, J. Leroux, F. Clark, T. Sheardown, T. Mullen, and (front from left) K. Leith, H. Hoyt, D. Smith, L. Lazzari, R. Hanson, A. Hardy, R. Cowper, G. Andony and W. Dowdy. The exact location for where the photo was taken is not given, but Kevin suspects it was Saint John, N.B. We thank Kevin Joynt for submitting this photo to Find-Share-Discuss, and invite other readers to share similar memories of wartime or peacetime service.

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