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Month: February 2013

Letters From The Bowes Brothers

Letters From The Bowes Brothers – July 16, 1916 Camp Hughes, Manitoba

My Dear Mother, I received your very welcome letter this morning after church and as usual was very glad to hear from you but was very sorry to hear you were not feeling well. Say Mother, you will have to forgive me for not writing you sooner this week but it has been about the busiest week we have had since we came to camp. What with the night route marches, inspections, inoculations, etc. we have not had much time for anything. My arm is fierce this time, a lot worse than the first time but it is getting all right again. We were done on Friday and all Saturday I felt like the last rose of summer that the cow stepped on. On the 12th we were up at about 4:30 and left here about 8 o’clock. Arrived at Neepawa about 11:30 and dinner after which we paraded for about two and half hours and i...
Letters From The Bowes Brothers

Letters From The Bowes Brothers – July 6, 1916 Camp Hughes, Manitoba

My Dear Mother, Here I am again high and dry once more although I got kind of wet this morning. Some rain wasn’t it? Our tent was blown down but fortunately no one was hurt. The recreation tent, barber shop and quite a few others went down. Jim was corporal of the guard last night and today I was in the tent when it went over but got into a latrine and so kept dry. His kit was dry including his camera. After the sun came out he took some pictures of the camp. We were on the parade ground when it blew up and just got dismissed when it broke. We hadn’t even time to get in our tents before it went but everything kept dry I think it was the worst sky I ever saw. Don’t you write and let me know what it was like down there, will you. The 203 battalion left for a route march early this morning...
This Week In Military History

These Are The Results For The Week Of February 25 – March 3

02/25/1941 British forces capture Mogadishu in North Africa. 02/25/1942 The Royal Mail Ship Queen Elizabeth is refitted in Esquimalt, B.C., to carry thousands of troops. 02/26/1942 Japanese Canadians are to be evacuated from the West Coast. 02/26/1945 With 6th Infantry Brigade (2nd Division) in the lead, Canadian forces launch Operation Blockbuster and clear the Calcar Ridge in Germany. Progress is slower on 3rd Div.'s front. In the face of strong resistance and a sudden enemy counter-attack at Mooshof, Sergeant Aubrey Cosens of the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada takes charge and directs fire from a 1st Hussars tank against German strongpoints. After breaking through the hard core of resistance in Mooshof, Cosens gives the order to consolidate the position. He then sets off ...
Canada Corner

Two Legion Magazine Covers Are Up For Awards

Magazines Canada has announced that Legion Magazine is a finalist in two categories in the Canadian Cover Awards for 2012. The magazine’s January/February 2012 issue celebrating the 200th anniversary of the War Of 1812 is a finalist in the category of General Interest, Arts, Lifestyle and Regional. The cover from the Special Interest Publication (SIP) WW II: The War That Had To Be Won is nominated in the SIPs and New Magazines category. The evocative image of a Canadian soldier during the liberation of the Netherlands highlights the cover. Legion Magazine won the bronze award in this category in 2011 for its first SIP, WW I: The War That Shaped A Nation. Originally called the Canadian Newsstand Awards, the awards were launched in 2002 by Masthead, the magazine devoted to news...
Witness to Remembrance

Caribbean Cruise Returning With Wonderful Memories

Legion Magazine presents a series of blogs in the Witness To Remembrance series by Legionnaires and others on a 14-night Caribbean cruise offered by Carlson Wagonlit Travel in conjunction with the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (RCEL). For every cabin booked, Carlson Wagonlit is donating $100 to the RCEL Fund which The Royal Canadian Legion uses to help Commonwealth veterans living in the Caribbean. by Jack Frost, RCL Dominion President 2006-2008 After 12 days on board the Celebrity Eclipse visiting eight Caribbean islands, endless entertainment and food, we need rest before disembarking. Highlights of the cruise have to be the wonderful people enjoying the cruise with us, the representative for Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Sheldon, who has been with us every step of the way...
Letters From The Bowes Brothers

Letters From The Bowes Brothers – July 4, 1916 Camp Hughes, Manitoba

My dear Mother and sister, I received your letter the other day bawling me out for not writing often and, honest Mother, I thought I was doing fine considering how I like writing letters but you must forgive me for not answering your letter sooner. Friday I had no time as you know and then on Saturday the wife was up and you can bet I had no time that day and on Sunday Elliott was up and I was fairly busy that day. So this is Monday noon. I am trying to get it away although I haven’t much time to do it. Say Mother you should have been in camp on Friday as it was some sight. If we ever have a review again you want to try to get here as it is a sight not likely to be ever seen again and I am sure you would like it. Jim and I both put in for a pass for the week and we will phone you if it...

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