Letters From The Bowes Brothers – March 27, 1916 Bramshott Military Hospital

Dear Evelyn and Mother,

To begin with I will inform you that I am well on the way to recovery now and feel fine, although still in bed. I expect to be up again before the end of the week. I sure have had a siege of it and it will be some time before I am fit for duty again. It will only be a miracle if they pass me as fit for duty at the front. Jim and some of the boys were up to see me yesterday. They will be leaving before long now as they got the new equipment for the front. I guess they are about due for a move. I sure wish I could go with them but all I can do is go when I am ready.

There has been a little flurry of snow here but I was in the hospital then. Don’t think the boys suffered any. Jim wouldn’t anyway as he has got about a dozen blankets besides mine.

I hope the 222nd Battalion has all the luck going as so many of the town boys are in it. But I don’t think much of that [commanding officer] they have at Boissevain. He would only try that trick once here at standing at attention when it is not necessary. They are more strict about that than anything nearly. It’s all right when needed but from what I make out, it was damn foolishness, nothing else on his part. So the boys are out recruiting now, eh? They must be after the slackers now.

Your loving son,


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