Letters From The Bowes Brothers – March 10, 1916 Bramshott Military Hospital

My dear little sister Evelyn,

Well Evelyn here it is the 10th of March and your birthday. Kickie did not forget it so I will write you a big letter. I hope you live to enjoy many happy returns of March 10th. How are you and the folks at home in this cold weather? Quite well I hope.

I am still in the hospital here and still in bed although not suffering as much as present but my right leg is nearly useless yet. If I had of went sick when I got this first, I would likely have been out of here before now. But we were on the ranges shooting and I wanted to get done with it. So I hung on as long as I could. I felt my leg getting sore Feb. 3rd but paid no attention to it. It was no worse on the 4th and on the 5th, I got a pass for London but had to go to ranges. Jim and I got through firing at three o’clock and beat it home six miles, changed our clothes and then walked two miles to the station and was in London shortly after seven. I got up Sunday but was crippled so bad I could hardly walk. I got back to camp at 2:30 a.m. Monday and was up at 4 for the ranges, walked out there and done my firing and was so badly crippled coming home the officer made me fall out. While he sent the ambulance after me and I been used up ever since at times not too bad and at time suffering intensely but as the pains are moving around I hope they will soon leave me.

How are you getting along skating this winter? I suppose you will have a lot of skates this winter with both Jim and Fred at home. How do the boys like soldiering? Tell them the work won’t begin till they get over here. I liked it fine over here and before I got used up was as fat as a hog. Only weighted a little over 110 the heaviest I ever was but I don’t weigh that now by a long shot.

The Germans sure have been getting an awful trimming lately and have lost thousands of men at Verdun without gaining anything at all. The Russians also have just about routed the Turks altogether and will soon have things their own way in the Balkans.

I will close now. I hope this finds you all well and happy.

Your loving brother,


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