Letters From The Bowes Brothers – April 6, 1916 Bramshott Military Hospital, England

My Dearest Mother,

Your lovely letter of March 16 arrived yesterday. Could not but help laugh at you thinking we were all in France. All that are there are the drafts we sent, about half of the battalion, but Jim and I are still here—and me in bed to boot. Although I am allowed up every afternoon for a while. I am feeling some better but far from well and it will be months before I get to the front at any rate.

The 45th I believe are at Shorncliffe. They arrived a week last Sunday but have not heard from any of them yet. So old Joe Park is bandmaster. From what they thought when I was home they think the band is a cinch. But over here they will play the band and soldier also. Believe me they won’t think much of a snap for our band got it good and plenty over here.

I am glad Jim and Fred like the training so well. It is a good life but I got used up and wouldn’t give in to it till they made me and now I have been off parade for two months exactly.

A bunch of the boys are up twice a week to see me. I don’t know whether it is me or the nurse.

So Manitoba went dry. Well, I believe they will be sorry for it at times and glad at others. So it will be a toss up if it will do any good.

I will have to close as we don’t get much news around the hospital.

Your loving son,



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